Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to submit a nomination?
There is no cost to submit nominations for any of the Canadian Healthcare Industry Award categories. We encourage all members of the Life Sciences industry to submit nominations.
Do I need to submit a nomination for every category?

There is no requirement to submit nominations for every category. You may submit nominations for any number of categories.

Can I submit nominations for more than one person from my company in categories where an individual is recognized?
Yes! We recognized that companies have many outstanding performers, and you may submit more than one candidate for your company, using separate nomination forms. However, only one award winner will be recognized for each category.
Will any of the information I submit in the nomination form be made public? How will confidentiality be maintained?
No. All information received will remain confidential and is never shared publicly. The nomination forms will remain internal and are shared only with members of the CHIA jury, who are tasked with selecting the winners.
Who is the organizer of the Canadian Healthcare Industry Awards?

The awards are organized by Catalytic Health, one of Canada’s leading medical communications firms. Over the last 15 years, Catalytic Health has established itself as the country’s largest independent medical publisher, one of the country’s largest scientific conference providers, and a leader in innovative events and services for the Life Sciences industry.

Don't these awards already exist?
No. There are no awards that celebrate the variety of categories that the Canadian Healthcare Industry Awards will recognize, nor that attract nominations from across the country. Catalytic Health has created the CHIAs to celebrate the excellence of Canadian Life Sciences companies and the talented individuals who work in the healthcare industry.

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